Summary of Hacknight #2

Written by maloki on June 24th, 2010

We drove down to Hacknight #2 at Forskningsavdelningen a Hackerspace in Malmö. I was thrilled to be in the car with “my boys” from GHS and Telecomix here in Gothenburg. There’s always a special feeling taking the car somewhere together, there’s bonding and talking about the most wicked things. We actually got some good ideas out of it. But this ain’t the time nor the place to tell about it.


Hacknight #2 started with a talk about Crypto Activism by chrisk, which was a presentation about Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau. Since it’s part of the Telecomix network, and I’m part of that there wasn’t really much there that I didn’t know, but it was a good presentation. Chris is really good at this stuff. I like the whole cypherspace and cyberspace difference.

brokep - Peter Sunde about the Pirate Baybrokep (aka Peter Sunde) talking about the Pirate Bay. There were some new things in there that I hadn’t heard before. The biggest joy of it though was to see him present it.
The whole story about the Pirate Bay is quite amazing, and I really love the responsibility that they have taken since they realized what a big influence they have on the online community.
I managed to walk up later and introduce myself as well. I have this small Flattr spreading idea. We’ll see how it works out.

Samira Ariadad about Netbased CommonsSamira Ariadad – Netbased Commons, Shared areas, both in real life and in cyberspace. There are some restrictions online, but most often not more than a registration that does not cost anything. In real life there are not as many common areas to reside. Hopefully we’ll be able to open this up more. She opened some interesting thoughts in my head. and I thank her for that.

I missed the presentation of Mandos but caught the guys discussing it later in the night, and it seems really interesting. Will be interesting to see how things develop with it.

Raccoon – Blackthrow, earlier the same week Agent x had made a presentation about the Blackthrow at the Telecomix Conference. Raccoon was supposed to be the original presenter, so I was glad to see him present it here instead. I like the whole idea about the blackthrow, and there area some great ideas coming out of it as we speak. We’ll see how many hears it will take for the blackthrows, blackworms and blacksplashes to conquer the world!

After the presentations there were lots of hours left. The beers started flowing, I must admit I had already started, and the night wore on. I got to talk to a lot of interesting people. Working through some of the ideas I had in my head and so forth.

Micke Jämtsved went with us on the trip down. He’s actually from Stockholm, but had stayed in Gothenburg since the Telecomix Conference there.
Also agent Nipe, who is one of the Pirate Party’s prime candidates (personal opinion), was there. He had brought the RepRap, but was soon on his way to spend two days at Dreamhack.
Forskningsavdelningen them selves seem pretty happy about the turnout of the event.

NRLI, Northern Lights, a vodcast crew attended the event as well. They had a little corner where they interviewed a lot of people. Will be interesting to see the footage later.
Some pictures were taken by different people

On the drive home we talked a lot about what how amazing we all thought the night had been. We also buzzed a lot about how both Telecomix and Gothenburg Hackerspace can carry on their work to save the world. Some of it involved more road trips, conferences and blackthrows!


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  1. Shane Murray says:

    Great Photos! Nice you captured the moment!

  2. maloki says:

    if you follow the links you get to mathei, who took the photos ;)

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