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Written by maloki on June 19th, 2010

Svartkast - I'm installing it for u nau

Blackthrow – Svartkast
I wrote about an earlier persentation during the Telecomix Conference

It’s about being able to setup a computer in a hidden place to collect information and send it to somewhere.
THe name is derived from Black box, and you throw it away, thus Blackthrow.

Kamakazie box. You might not be able to physicly reach it.

Blackfax, black cylinder paper loop.

It can be used for “bad” stuff. But it can also be used for good stuff in places where free speech is prohibited, since the governments are survailed all the time. This is a usage area.

You should put these boxes in strategic places all over the city. Through which you can build up a mesh network and use it for whatever you want.

There are alot of different ways to connect them and use them.

You can use any machine that can use linux, to build a Blackthrow. Single board devices is a good choice.

Make sure the machine can not be traced back to you. If you would use it for whatever reason the government might not like, it is in your best interest to protect yourself.
Clean it up from fingerprints or whatever you can. Labels, and marks. Use ram disks or memory disks.

Use TOR, use the reverse services, hidden services. So you can connect immedietly to that machine.

There are two examples of versions you can make of this. The “svartplask” which basically is black splash and the “svartmask” which means black worm.
The Splash you make waterproof and throw into the water. And the worm you burry in the ground.


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