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Written by maloki on June 19th, 2010

Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau.

Chris starts with explaining how the Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau. It promotes the public knowledge of computer cryptography and software that can hide you on the internet.

Cyphernetics is the study of how to controll regulatory systems of any kind; technological, social, biological and mathematical systems. Cyphernetics, on the other hand, is similar to the study of sybernetics, but does not rely on that the entire system is known or controlled from one single point. Rather, cyphernetics is the study of how to do things in states of chaos and uncertianty.

Cybernetics was developed in the aftermath of the second world war.
In biology cybernetics is how to control an ecosystem.

Cybernetics Alpha, is hierarchical structur. With a leader/central nod, Government for example. Like the Soviet.

Cybernetics Beta, decentralized cybernetics system. Not a single top. Have a parliament, with constitutional rights. Dispursed power into the lower parts of the system.

In history these two systems, Alpha and Beta, they produced the Internet.
During the cold war both US and Russia was working nuclear weapons. In the US they wanted to construct a system where computers could survive a nuclear attack. The Alpha and Beta system would fail under it. They had to build a system that would not.
A distributed network can surive, since it will find more than one way.

Technological development isn’t really rational.

Cypher, means code. Code produces an uncertainty relations. The lolcat can be encrypted. We can produce an uncertainty relations with the cat. We hide the cat in a box, in the tunnels.

We need more people to work with us. Join us!

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christopherkullenberg.i2p (the presentation)


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