Agent jwalck on I2P

Written by maloki on June 17th, 2010

Start: 13:37
What: Setting up websites and running advanced services in the i2p-darknet. Agent Jaywalk will present how you may publish websites, blogs and other services without risking corporate or government repression.
Watch it: on bambuser

Sources and destination. It’s what you have in routing i2p.
If you work a server it’s as easy as running a server on vanilla internet. Except that it’s hidden
If its down its down if its up its up.
eepsites. experimental deepsites. Noone will know who uses the stuff on the sites.

Agent jwalck goes through how it looks when a i2p is set up.
On the default site you get all the information how to host the i2p and, how to regetser a domain and so forth.

The server setup is similar to the setup for the client.
Always backup the destination key. the information will be lost if you lose it. The domain-name will die.

I2p has started to increase lately and is up and coming again. Continued developments will be interesting.


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