Agent Felix Atari on Internet and AFK Tunnels

Written by maloki on June 16th, 2010

Start: 14:37
What: Agent Felix Atari talks about the Internet and AFK tunnels
The act of tunneling has gone through a socio-political change in recent years. It is no longer associated with closed groups, sect-like behavious and hiding away from the mainstream. This talk will argue that developing tunneling technology is the very prerequisite for remaining open at the surface and feature an exposé from dark nets to sunny mexican pirate markets.
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Since I was late I missed some of the presentation, and I will write what I caught.

Agent Felix Atari made an interesting analogy about the layers of communications in a way of layers in the jungle. It’s not just a plain surface.

Tunnels can only be closed off at the entrances, but the tunnels are still there and the information within the tunnel is still safe.

A problem with tunnels is that the laws can’t stop what goes through them. The communication, may it be of product or just normal communication, will find a way anyway. It undermines this binary power of borders.
The border between Mexico and US is made as an example.

No matter if you have a border or not, there is a slow degredation. The borders will move. Even if they have to go into the ground.

Surveilance wont stop or fully control. It will only make it slower, but never stop the process completely since the information always can go through tunnels.

Ciphersspace is just as cyberspace, but a little slower.

There are tunnels who are ever ending, and with no entrances.
Examples of being cut off from earth, in tunnels making a living in there.

Have you studied the similarities between the i2p tunnels and physical tunnels? With enough force you can destroy physical tunnels, and you should be able to with i2p as well?
Tunnels are temporary, they are built, and moved and rebuilt and so on. You can fortify them, if they are used for a longer time. Within filesharing you move a tunnel to somewhere else when a vonerability is found.

The information that is submitted through tunnels are usually short messages, which makes tunnels work even though they are slow.
Cipherspare sites have different esteics since they are slower, and need to be able to go through easier. It’s going back to web 1.0.

Could the tunnels be exploited? At the mexican us border, where mexican put up sweatshops near the border in mexico. So people move closer to the border to get the jobs and pay. The transportation from mexico to the US gets deminished. IS there anything similar going on in i2p?
Tunnels attrackt all different kind of activity. Look at the mexican border, drugs, and so forth. Tunnels often operate in intense zones.
Yes tunnels can be exploited.
If you want to spread something, you could create a buzz in the tunnels that there’s a leak, and have it spread back to the surface.

Erupted in a discussion about urination and bushes. Remove places where people can pee, and then “stake out” the areas where you have to go to pee, and catch you in the act.

Leaks and infiltration is a way to get out information from hidden tunnels, It can be tunnels in the government communication or other hidden. There are tunnels everywhere.


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